QLD Advice for contesting an incorrect 10km over radar infringement

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1 August 2021
Hi, I've received an infringement notice for 70km exactly in a 60km zone. I drive this road often, know the speed limit, and I remember the exact day in common. I was driving home from a doctors appointment and remember seeing the mobile radar van and looking at my speed and feeling relaxed that I was doing the speed limit and didn't need to slow for it or anything. I cruised on past.
I know for an absolute fact I did not speed. And what's more strange to me is it's not 68, 69, 71, 72, but exactly 10kms to the dot over.

I know it's under 13kms over and only 1 point but I'm indignant that I wasn't even speeding. I've payed other fines before when I was caught out, I've also driven past plenty of radars and not been fined so know it's not my speedo out.

How do things go trying to argue the machine is wrong? Can you request an audit? Do I have to pay for this? I'm someone who has health issues and alot of major stresses in life right now and I can't afford to pay to test all sorts of things. But I dont feel right having to pay a fine and cop a point when I absolutely didnt do it.

Could I please have some advice?


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10 February 2015
Argue the machine is wrong you need an expert - costly. Request an audit - no. You pay - yes.

Tim W

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28 April 2014
I agree with @Ponala.
Further, request to see the picture(s).

Know this - your emphatic belief is worth exactly nothing as evidence.
You may care to court-elect the infringement (if you are still with time to do so).
The instructions are usually on the back of the notice.
On the day, make your mitigating circumstances argument to the Magistrate.