SA 2 Speeding Fines (<10KM) within 11mins of each other

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13 March 2020
Firstly, not disputing the fact I was speeding.

Do I have any recourse with getting one of the fines dropped. My question relates around 2 points:

- Does SA have a similar position as VIC on multiple speeding fines in a short period, where opportunity is given to drivers to "positively alter their driver behavior"
From - "drivers are being afforded the opportunity to positively alter their driver behavior, without being penalised by multiple infringements. "

- One fine was for 58 in a 50 Zone where there are absolutely no signs. I honestly assumed it was a 60km road. This road is sandwiched between 2 60km roads (Its a linking road between 2 60km roads. Imaging the letter "Z" where top and bottom of the Z are 60km and the diagonal joiner is 50km). I understand that where there is no signs, then the default 50km apply. But given the joining roads its easy for your brain to to assume 60 and maintain this speed for the course.

Whilst I appreciate that neither of the above is a valid "legal" excuse, and understand that, from a raw legal perspective, I am culpable and the fines legitimate. Do you think it would it be worth asking for a review of this fine (based on both mentioned issues) and that leniency be applied and 1 fine removed?

Appreciate your time, expertise and opinions on this issue. Thank you