NSW Lost Property in a Cafe Shop

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16 December 2018
I went to a Asian cafe shop to buy some takeaway and lost my shoulder bag (inside is a wallet with over $1000 cash). I sat at a table that’s just opposite to the counter inside the cafe and are pretty confident that there are cameras in the shop. Since my house is only 5mins walk from the place, I came back to the place within 15mins asking the staffs to check the camera and or show me footages of when I was there. Some of the staffs admitted that I was present at the time, which then call the owner to check the cameras. However, the owner make up excuses and decline my request to check. He comes up with some stupid excuses saying that he’s busy, blaming that I wasn’t eating in so he couldn’t help etc, and then finally told me he would check later. I went away and came back 4hrs later, he was not present so I had to call him and we spoke over the phone. He then outright refuses to check the camera. I threaten him that I would have to contact the police and things would get escalated, he said to me go for it, and so I hung up then report the case to the police. It been over a day and I haven’t gotten any news from the police since they don’t prioritise this non serious case. I’m really anxious at the shop owner suspicious behaviour, over $1000 cash isn’t a small amount and that does not include the cost of my bags + wallet. Greatly appreciate any advices that would help me resolve this!


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27 May 2014
You can go see a lawyer who may be able to help but the costs may be worth more than the $1K.

The most likely scenario is the video footage is going to 'go missing' if it hasn't already. While it is possible to get court orders obtaining the footage before it is deleted, you'd to move quickly.

Else you allow the police to do their job which can take months to sort out if any charges will be laid.