QLD matter remains under investigation = Translation?

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Roger Jones

Active Member
16 March 2019
I have been into the local police station with my son and lodged a formal complaint against a police officer.
(In regards to a previous thread)
My son just received an email from ethical standards which says " the matter remains under investigation."
Can someone put this into laymans speak please.
Have I gone and made myself a target, this is QLD after all. Not being clever, just realistic.

Rob Legat - SBPL

LawTap Verified
16 February 2017
Gold Coast, Queensland
A target? Unlikely. The worst thing any police officer can do after a complaint is made against them is to have anything untoward happen to the complainant with the officer connected in any way.

As for their comment, it could likely mean one of the following at a guess:

- There's not enough to go on, but you may have some substance to your complaint so we're not going to close the complaint out of hand;
- There are other matters being looked at, and you're added to the list;
- We haven't finished looking at it yet but we needed to get something to you;
- We haven't got around to looking at it yet because other issues are taking precedence/considered more important,

or even something else. Odds are that you're never going to know.