VIC Wrong address on fine

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Smokey Mcpot

19 October 2020
I noticed the blue flashing light behind me and in finding a safe spot to park I ended up parking in a private car park with the police following me so I received a fine for driving a /my unregistered car the private car park has a entry and exit on road "X" the details on my fine state that I was fined at 237pm on street "M" which is incorrect as street "M" is at least 200 metres away and I was heading towards street M but yet to get there if I have cctv time stamped footage of me parked at 237pm in the car park getting interested by the cops can argue the fact that the address is incorrect also when searching my car he found a small quantity of drugs (1 gram ) , since I had no criminal record he decided to give me a drug diversion and then instructed me to drive my UNREGISTERED CAR 5 .2 km to the police station to fill out the paper work for the drug diversion , so I get pulled over and fined for driving a unregistered car , apparently it is illegal to drive unregistered cars and now because he didn't have the relivent paper work it wasn't a issue about driving 5 ish km to the Geelong police station He didn't even consider giving me a breath or drug test after finding the gram but when I questioned him about driving he said it's ok as he will follow behind me , after booking my drug diversion and telling me that he doesn't want me to ruin my life with drugs informs me e my $870 fine (unregistered car) will be posted to me and hands me my drug diversion papers and tells me I am free to leave , Thinking that I have to leave my car to get picked up and towed I ask him for a lift home on a 41 degree January day , I explain that I had no money to cab it home and couldn't find a lift and physically could walk 5 km in 40 degree heat he says I "should be right" to drive home , once again I was stunned, so I drive my car home and as i am nearly home I turn into my street only for a highway patrol car down the end of my street , bit of a strange coincidence 🤔 after the lady cop tells me I am driving a unregistered car while starting to give me ANOTHER ticket for driving unregistered car I start getting hot under the colar I tell her male cop #1 said I "should be right "to get home naturally she doesn't believe that at all as it's against the law she ask me what his name is and I take out my drug diversion papers , as soon as she saw the distinctively BLUE paper work decides to give me a drug test to which I test positive and will now lose my licence and have to pay 2 fines for driving unregistered car $870 twice Can I argue not paying the original/1sr fine on the technically of him filling out a totally different street especially if I have cctv footage of me at being parked in the private car park at the exact time as it says on the fine at a different Street , also is there some laws regarding police needing permission to enter private property ??? Even though it's a car park there is signage stating it's a private car park sorry for the length of my question


Well-Known Member
27 September 2015
I'm really very suprised a copper told you that you could drive while unregistered.
as for the wrong address argument. You've got nothing. Small administrative error does not trump your driving unregistered. Nor does the fact that you parked in a private car park. Why? because you drove on a public road.