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  1. S

    TAS What legislation covers maintenance of rights of way?

    I have an issue with a right of way on my property, I have the burden of easement and the house behind (a rental unfortunately) has the benefit of easement. The tenants have complained about potholes at the bottom of the sealed driveway, and their rental agent had them repaired when I was...
  2. J

    NSW Legislation HELP - Does section 69 read with Section 11 Interpretations -

    Does section 69 of the insurance contracts act apply to a "varied" contract as defined under "Writing" of section 11 Interpretations? Is it interpreted in the way that if an insurer makes a variation to a life insurance contract, they are required to provide this in writing to the insured...
  3. B


    What section of the Bank Act covers - In the matter of disputed transactions - should the card have been stopped? In the matter of overdrafts - with no overdraft agreement how can the accounts be overdrawn? Thank you
  4. H

    NSW CSA debt successfully garnishing superannuation?

    Hello, Would anyone have any advise on attempting to take ones superannuation as an “asset” for unpaid CSA debt? Especially in a case were they pay $35 per fortnight as of recently which stops CSA taking assets. However this is on top of the fact CSA have never found anything in his name, his...
  5. A

    WA Australia Taxation Legislation Law

    This is an example. In preparation for retirement, I have taken up horse breeding. I currently own twelve horses which live and feed on an external farm in Australia (for a fee). These horses are being used in a breeding program supervised by a leading female horse trainer. I also...
  6. Rebecca SCHAFFERIUS

    QLD Applying old legislation, but not the exemptions

    Good Afternoon Firstly, thank you for taking the time to read this information. To summarise: I am seeking any case law that pertains to changes in legislation whereby the government has made a decision based on old legislation, but not afforded a subject the other rights due in the same...
  7. C

    QLD Redundancy and long service leave owing at redundancy

    Hi, I am self representing in family court - together very long time. Property split will be based solely on financial resources. The trial judge required me to submit case law, if any precidents and any legislation that shows my ex is entitled (my ex said they are not going to get any)...
  8. M

    QLD Legislation & Procedure - Application In A Case & Contravention

    Can anyone point me in the right direction of Legislation or Acts ....Just had a federal court judge ride rough shot over me once more...I filed an "Application In A Case" to get a substantial increase in time with my 2 year old. (Still on 8 hrs a week, disgusted) So the judge said "I cannot...
  9. B

    NSW Legislation governing the mailing of vehicular infringements.

    Hi. I'm trying to find the legislation governing the mailing of infringements through the post. Been digging around austlii but I cannot seem to find anything governing the specific time period from the time of offence to the time of infringement issuance. Surely it's not utterly unrestricted?
  10. S

    VIC Differentiate between and/or in Legislation

    HI, I'm trying to make sense of the Victorian Domestic Animal act 1994. Specifically in relation to Section 10B. As I understand in relation to Section 10B the council can choose what and how they wish to apply it in their areas. but say for example there is 10B (1) (a) "Insert sentence"...