QLD Workplace Bullying and Harassment Complaint?

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12 June 2015
I've been accused of workplace bullying. I need some help. I only work casual at a telesales marketing position and I'm good but a girl who is hopeless was paired with me and has made a complaint that I made her feel humiliated by a comment In regards to her efforts. I feel I've been targeted by this company because this isn't the first case against me. It was first a sexual harassment complaint and now this.


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10 February 2015
Hi Shawn,

Please provide the following information:
- What has been the company's response to the claim? Have you been demoted, taken off shifts, suspended during an investigation or dismissed?
- If the company has taken adverse action against you, what did reasoning did they use to justify their decision?

For you to think about and reflect on (you don't need to respond to these questions):
- What action or statements did you make to the person who alleged that you sexually harassed them? Remember that sexual harassment is broad and can include unwanted touching, jokes, comments about appearance or anything of a sexual nature, advances such as unwanted (particularly repeated) asking out etc.
- What statements did you make to this girl who is "hopeless"? Is it possible that you did make her feel humiliated? Were you unreasonably impatient or angry with her? Is she new to the tasks and still learning?

Reflecting on your own situation is important in assessing whether you have contributed to or caused the claims to be made against you. If you reflect and cannot see any reason why someone may find your actions inappropriate, then you can start to question the response of your employer and whether they are handling the situation appropriately.