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  1. L

    VIC Workplace Bullying and Unfair Dismissal by Employer?

    Hi, I'm a Retail Pharmacy Manager. I've been working for the business for 8 years and had no previous warnings. For more than 6 months, I've been experiencing work related stress, workplace bullying & harassment from the owner and 2 work colleagues. 5 days ago, I was told by the owner that...
  2. P

    QLD How Long Should Carers Leave Last?

    How long is too long when it comes to taking carers leave? I have a person who has used all their carers leave up to look after a sick son with cancer - we do not know how long they will be off but it is serious. We are sensitive to the issues but need to run a business. At what point can we...
  3. P

    WA Carers Leave Due to Wife's Pregnancy - Is Pregnancy Covered?

    I had requested for Carers leave as I couldn't go back to work (I work away from home for 2 weeks at a time) 1 week prior to taking my planned parental leave as my partner and I were having my first baby. The reason why I requested this Carer's leave was because my partner was experiencing...
  4. Daniel2

    VIC Am I Eligible for Carers Leave under Employment Law?

    Hi, I have a question in regards to the eligibility of taking Carers leave. My 11 month old son is having viral infection. I was able to obtain a 2 day Carer's Medical Certificate for myself. My employer is aware that my wife is currently not working (but in the process of seeking employment)...
  5. C

    WA Supervisor Files Leave Application Form Without Approval - Legal?

    Is it legal for my supervisor to submit a leave application form on my behalf without my approval? I have recently had to take paid carers leave and submitted a leave application form as supplied from my HR Department. This form was filled out by me, then emailed to my supervisor. My supervisor...