NSW Work Suspension for Alleged Elder Abuse?

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25 May 2015
I need some legal advice with my case at work. I'm currently on suspension at work. I got case of financial elder abuse, but the resident gave me the money willingly and I didn't force him to do so.


Well-Known Member
10 February 2015
Hi Sherine,

Can you please give more information about your situation.
1. What type of work do you do: are you in a position of caring for elderly people?
2. Who do you work for (e.g. a not-for-profit aged care facility or a government run hospital?)- this is important to determine which employment laws apply to you.
2. Under what circumstances did this person give you money, did you ask for it?
3. What was the money for?
4. Are you on suspension whilst your workplace investigates the issue or is the suspension a punishment?
5. How long is the period of suspension for?
6. Are you being paid your normal wage whilst you are suspended?