elder abuse

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  1. Joanne Mansell

    VIC Inheritance hijacking

    Father died Jan 2008. Sister started taking over mothers life, making mother feel insecure about any major decisons she had on the cards. Mother was diagnosed in April 2008 with cerecbral atrophy, ventricular dilation and severe T2 white matter changes. Sister rushed mum off to make a new will...
  2. P


    Hi All, Before i go and find myself a lawyer i wanted to know if there is anything that can actually be done. I am looking for some general advice prior to spending a mountain of money hiring a lawyer to help with this issue. see below 1. My grandparents purchased a property in an over...
  3. T

    Financial Elder Abuse

    The following is a bit lengthy but is essential to provide sufficient detail. My 2 brothers and I were executors to my late father's will. There was also an EPA in place where my 2 brothers were named substitute attorneys for my mother who had vascular dementia and was in permanent care...
  4. S

    NSW Work Suspension for Alleged Elder Abuse?

    I need some legal advice with my case at work. I'm currently on suspension at work. I got case of financial elder abuse, but the resident gave me the money willingly and I didn't force him to do so.
  5. C

    Power of Attorney - Elder Abuse?

    Hi, I am asking for some type of clarification of my situation before I decide to seek out a lawyer that may be able to help me further. My problem is that my eldest sister has gained a power of attorney over my elderly mother and father. They are elderly but apart from my father having a bit of...