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Retirement Villages Group Ltd is a British residential property developer. Residents must be aged 55 or over to live in its developments, which are known as "villages". It was acquired by Axa for about £100 million in October 2017.

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    WA Retirement Villages Deceased Estate - Contesting a Will?

    I was recently left a property in a will. The wording being "all interests in my home". The home is in a retirement village, but the land is owned by the deceased, which apparently is unusual. My question is: can anyone contesting a will make a claim for the land, as it was not specifically...
  2. B

    QLD Separation - How To Document House Occupation?

    We are separated and I remain living in the house. Do we need to get a solicitor to draw up the paper work to say that if anything happens to me since our separation, my husband has the right to live there, and if anything happens to him, I have the right to live there until I die? We have...
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    VIC Representative In Retirement Villages Law

    Hello, Can anyone advise of a legal representative I can contact in regards to Retirement Villages Contracts. I have had to place my father in care, and they are going to charge me over $52,000 to re-do his unit. Thank you
  4. C

    Power of Attorney - Elder Abuse?

    Hi, I am asking for some type of clarification of my situation before I decide to seek out a lawyer that may be able to help me further. My problem is that my eldest sister has gained a power of attorney over my elderly mother and father. They are elderly but apart from my father having a bit of...
  5. K

    QLD My Rights Dealing with the Public Trustee Qld?

    I am one of eight beneficiers of an estate handled by the QLD Public Trustees. This estate involves the sale of a Unit at a well known Retirement Village in Brisbane. The Unit has been for sale for well over one year and has now finally been sold. Settlement was to have taken place yesterday 16...
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    Funds Held in Trust by Tenants Committee - Retirement Villages

    I am in a retirement village where we got a retirement villages tenants committee (who deal with tenants rights and issues). We have held a fate once a year. In the last 3 years, the committee wants 10% of the sales, which is fair, but they also insist on minding the other 90%, and they will pay...
  7. N

    QLD Getting refund on Retirement Village Community Fee

    I have tried to get over $1,000 back when I live in a retirement village @ [Redacted by Moderator] for over 55's-when I was forced to pay a community fee of $28 per fortnight for 18months (which put a very increased strain on my centrelink payments-forcing me to cut back in other areas e.g. No...