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VIC Will Police Check Affect My Australian Citizenship Application?

Discussion in 'Immigration Law Forum' started by Ibrahim, 29 July 2016.

  1. Ibrahim

    Ibrahim Member

    29 July 2016
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    I need help. Please, give me an answer to my question.

    1 and half years ago, someone complained about me to the police. The police took my details. One week later, the police came to my home and left a card. They said, "contact us as soon as possible".

    I called them and then the police said, "come to the police station, we have to make an interview". I went there, they took me in a small room and they recoreded me and took my photo.

    3 weeks later, they sent me mail. The mail says there was no proof and to go to the court.

    My question is, I'll be applying for an Australian citizenship. I have to get a police check. Will the police check show that?

    Thank you
  2. Sophea

    Sophea Guest


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