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    I work as an employee for a labour hire group who subcontracts us to a postal company, where I work for four hours each day. My labour company sends a roster to the postal company, with the names of people who will work that day. One day I turned up to work, having been confirmed to do so (from the roster my company sent me), where my name wasn’t on the postal company’s roster, resulting in my being sent home.
    I was told by the postal company I should still get paid for the entire shift by law. It’s been nearly a month now, and each time I call to ask my company they tell me the decision is waiting for approval by someone. Furthermore, they tell me they only need to pay me for half the shift instead of the full four hours. Is that correct? And how long can they withhold payment from me until there’s an issue with the law, if there’s any?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Your company roster is the one that counts.

    How many hours need to be be paid will likely depend on which award/EA you are under. Please let me know what applies to you.

    Payment should be made in the appropriate pay cycle, not later.
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