WA Copyright Act 1895

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3 March 2020
A simple question as I do not understand precisely the use of the phrases "as passed" and "in force". The WA copyright Act of 1895 is listed "as passed" on the WA Parliament website but not listed as "in force".

Is this act still valid (ie applicable) in WA or has it been superseded by more recent federal Law?

John R

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14 April 2014
@shahcat - Simple but interesting question.
The phrase "as passed" generally means that you are reading/viewing the version of the statute/legislation as it was passed by Parliament of Western Australia at the time to become law.
The phrase "in force" generally means that the statute/legislation is in use and applicable because it has not expired, been repealed or otherwise ceased to be "in force".

Western Australia, like many Australian colonies in their time, introduced their own copyright laws before the Federation of Australia in 1901.
The Copyright Register Act 1887 (WA) was repealed by section 3(1) of the Copyright Act 1895 (WA) aka 1895 (59 Vict. No. 24).
The Copyright Act 1895 (WA) was repealed by the Statutes (Repeals and Minor Amendments) Act 1994 (WA) (aka No 73 of 1994).
See also https://www.legislation.wa.gov.au/l...URL/table03.pdf/$FILE/Table03.pdf?OpenElement

The Copyright Act 1968 (Cth) presently serves as the primary statute/legislation for copyright in Australia. See also Copyright law of Australia - Wikipedia
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