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The Sikorsky S-42 was a commercial flying boat designed and built by Sikorsky Aircraft to meet requirements for a long-range flying boat laid out by Pan American World Airways (Pan Am) in 1931. The innovative design included wing flaps, variable-pitch propellers, and a tail-carrying full-length hull. The prototype first flew on 29 March 1934, and, in the period of development and test flying that followed, quickly established ten world records for payload-to-height. The "Flying Clipper" and the "Pan Am Clipper" were other names for the S-42.

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    QLD Fair Dealing Period - Newsworthy

    Under S42 Copyright Act there is the Fair Dealing Defence. Part of this defence is News. What is a reasonable effluxion of time when the item can no longer be considered as News and loses protection of S42 defence Where can I find Case Law in relation to S42 Fair Dealing. Has there been a...