VIC Vicroads Lost My Paperwork?

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30 May 2021
I was asked by Vicroads for a medical report and did so and faxed it the same day I saw my doctor. Months later I'm pulled over and told I'm suspended for no report. Once home I called Vicroads asap and they asked for the report again and I emailed it. They lifted the suspension the same day and I emailed the police who pulled me over and told them and sent all the docs as they'd asked to see my docs when I was pulled over but didn't have a copy on me. I have no idea why Vicroads didn't process my report earlier, it was a passing report and I've faxed them in previous years. I can only guess they lost it, it might be on the back of papers in an unrelated file but who knows.

Now I have a summons for court and I'm confused why the system is like this, and what can I do now? I thought my licence was fine and Vicroads tell me they don't send a letter that I'm suspended, only the letter that asks for the report. A system designed to fail at every stage?