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J M Clissold

13 March 2020
Bought a car a month ago from a dealer in QLD.
2017 Mazda CX3 Akari FWD.

Have since found that the washer water bottle has a crack & only holds a little bit of water and some warning lights show up on the dash display every now & again saying there’s a problem with some of the lights ???

We took it to a Mazda dealership as the vehicle still has 3 months manufactures warranty left and they said that it’s not covered by the manufacture warranty because there’s evidence the damage was caused by an accident and it wasn’t repaired properly and that the vehicle shouldn’t of passed the roadworthy.

We were not told of any previous accident and if the Mazda dealership found this evidence quickly then the dealership would of known this especially as they have their own workshop that does the vehicle inspections & roadworthy certificates.

The vehicle is now faulty as a result if this previous accident . We are going to ring the dealership we purchased from tomorrow but are wondering what rights we have if any in this situation ???


Active Member
25 October 2016
Hi, if you bought this from a licensed motor dealer, they are obliged to know the history of any vehicle they sell. IF it is found that the vehicle had been previously a repairable write off and listed on the register, you may have some recourse. Did you do a PPSR search on the vehicle or did the dealership provide you with one? It may be best to lodge a complaint online with Qld Fair Trading who may attempt to conciliate a better outcome for you.