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PDS is a security application that focuses on helping computer users guard against cybercrime. The PDS software runs on desktop computers and laptops - but not on smartphones.
As PDS is a Java SE application, this provides benefits such as 1) code review of PDS via the open-source Java Development Kit (JDK) as well as the HotSpot Java Virtual Machine (JVM) that makes up the Java Runtime Environment (JRE), 2) the same quality for every operating system, and 3) as each new Java release maintains binary compatibility with previous Java releases, all PDS releases should run on future desktop and laptop operating systems that have a JRE available. Currently, JREs are available for Linux, macOS, Windows and some versions of Unix, such as AIX, FreeBSD, HP-UX, netBSD and Solaris.

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    WA Which Insurance PDS is valid for a claim on TPD?

    I have Death & TPD insurance inside Super. I applied for this insurance in 2011. If I make a claim for TPD in Apr 2019, which PDS, and hence Terms and Conditions and Definitions, is in force at the time of the claim? Is it the PDS and related documents that were issued to me at the time of my...
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    VIC Manufacture Warranties without any PDS or T&Cs

    I recently purchased an Audi from a private seller and the balance of the new car warranty was transferred. The car was purchased by the seller last year from an Audi dealership and the Sales Contract specified that the vehicle was sold with a 5 year manufacturers warranty with no special...