QLD Update Addresses in Power of Attorney?

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Lorna Smith

15 July 2015
I have moved and have Power of Attorney for my mother. Is it necessary to have the address changed on The Power Of Attorney. If yes how do I do it?

Sarah J

Well-Known Member
16 July 2014
Melbourne, Victoria
Hi Lorna Smith,

What type of power of attorney is it? If it is an enduring power of attorney, it needs to be registered to be valid. Given it is registered, it would be good to update the registry (i.e. if your address is changed). Otherwise, contact the lawyer who drew up the power of attorney and notify them of the change.

In any case, it is preferable to update your current address. They reason is:
  • if other people need to find you, they will look to the registry or power of attorney document, and most likely send notices to the stated address. Therefore, you may be missing out on important information regarding your mother and her affairs;
  • the address is used as an identifier. This is not as important as the previous point, since chances are, there are other details that identify you adequately, but again, a best to have.
It's not too much hassle to update a document. At the very least, contact the lawyer who drew up your mother's power of attorney and update your address with him/her. They need it on record.