QLD Unpaid Family Court Order for Costs

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20 May 2015
The UK Family Court served an Order for Costs to the Respondent. The Respondent resides in QLD and because they have no assets in the UK, the UK court cannot enforce the Costs Order and advised that I could registered it and enforce it in Australia. The Australian Family Court told me they cannot find any legislation under Australian law to register and enforce the UK Court Order for Costs.

How can the Respondent just get away with not paying when it is a Court Order?


Hi Dawson,

unfortunately there are many situations where court orders go unpaid. For example, if the debtor has no assets or money then they can resort to bankruptcy to avoid an order. I am not familiar with the specific legislation governing recognition of foreign orders, however this thing happens quite often. Its unfortunate and annoying, but unfortunately a fact of life.