NSW Unauthorised: My Car Sold by my Mechanic

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28 May 2020
Good morning all and thanks in advance for any help you can provide me.

Q1: What enquires would the server of an assumed legal document or letter of demand/intention of property sale (my vehicle), be expected to undertake to verify my address?

Q2: Can a mechanic sell my car without permission or knowledge if there is a perceived unpaid debt?

The story is: In mid 2018 after calling my mechanic and him telling me to bring my car in that day, it took him more than 6mths to even look at it, citing he needed a diagnostic tool which he would get, and subsequently figure out what was wrong. That was all the work i authorised, which would take approx 5mins labour diagnosis time - I was expecting to pay an hour’s labour so no big deal there.

After this initial 6mths, he called me to say that several other issues had been identified on my car, and the necessary repairs completed. All without my knowledge or permission, and the car was ready. I asked for an invoice, which I never received, so I let the car sit until I received it, as I needed it in writing if I intended to question it, and also for my vehicle records.

The invoice never came, so I emailed a few times without a response and then decided to go there in person to see what the situation was. He told me that he had sold my car “to a guy on Facebook for $660”. All this without my knowledge and no correspondence received by me to that effect. The value of the car is about $10,000 and it was in possession of the mechanic for a total of 10mths.

He told me that he had received legal advice, and had hand delivered two letters (unknown content) to my address. I enquired about the address and he stated an address I haven’t lived at for almost two years. as a result I had no idea of his intentions and received no correspondence.

Any help is appreciated. Regards