QLD Problems with car mechanic for months now

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10 May 2021
I am having issues with a mechanic here in qld. He has had my car for just over 4 and a half months now. I have paid him 1,800.00 and my car is still not fixed. He has constantly dragged his heels fixing the issue. He replaced, or so he says a crankshaft seal, which 3 and a half months later he now tells me there was nothing wrong with that and in fact now it's an oil pump, gasket and o ring. He went ahead and ordered plus paid for those parts so he says. I have constantly asked him what the bill will be but he just keeps telling me he couldn't say and when I persist even for an approximate he still won't tell me. He tells me he fixes one thing but then 2 months later says it hasn't been done. He has continually thrown off that he can't get the timing right now for about 3 months. I am so stressed. I have struggled financially just to be paying him fortnightly but with not much results for my car. He is elderly and I keep being polite and patient but even this is not working to get a date when it'll be fixed. He just says oh it should be fixed in a week or two but each time for months now he keeps on moving the date more and more forward. What can I do. I told him from the start I did not want to pay more than 1500.00 dollars then it went to 1,800.00 dollars now 2,000.00 dollars then 2,500.00 dollars. And now he can't say. I have repeatedly said I can't afford past 2,000.00 and once the bill reaches that to stop work but he went ahead and ordered the parts I earlier mentioned here. That's when another minimum 500.00 dollars got added to take the bill to at least 2,500.00. I ask for receipts for the work he has done so far and for what I'm paying for but he says hell tally it all up at the end. And not to worry we can work something out. Please help me somebody. I don't know what to do. I need my car and I need it fixed and get the rwc f dry om him so I can register it. The lady I bought the car off already ripped me off by selling it to me registered without a rwc and no transfer papers. I had no idea this was illegal but now the rego has run out and I feel like I'm being taken for a ride by this mechanic.