VIC Tree Removal - Verbal Quote and Incomplete Work?

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9 February 2015
Hope you can help. I had a verbal quote over phone for a huge tree to be cut down. We were happy for the job to be done at the price discussed. When crew arrived and started to set up ropes and cut into tree, the quote changed at lunch time to a daily quote. We were not happy with that, as it would take them many days to do job, meaning big dollars.

After a quarter of the tree was cut down, they packed up and went home. We are happy to pay them a quarter of the quote verbally agreed to. I have spoken to the company only to be told we must have misunderstood,it was always a day rate. This conversation went on and on many times and around in circles over many phone calls from them. I have emails sent to and from them asking them to see the tree, but they only needed an approx measurement and pictures of tree. You would think getting out of the truck these professionals would see immediately how much bigger the job they faced was before starting job. On arrival, then amended quote.

We have since had the tree cut down by another company. They saw the tree and gave us a one-off verbal quote. We are very happy with that outcome. Is there anything we should do under Australian Consumer Law? Thank you.


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10 September 2014
Given your journey with the first company why contine to work with verbal quotes? All quotes should be written and preferably on official company stationery. It protects yourself and them.

Is there anything we should do? About what? Paying the first company? Yes.. They have provided a service. Talk to them about paying a fair price for the work completed.


I agree with Ash, you should pay for the work fairly done by the first company. I would write a letter to the first company outlining your version of events with the changed quote (written in a straight forward and professional manner) and enclose payment for the amount you think is fair to pay. See if they respond. If they were in the wrong they may leave it at that. If not you can negotiate an amount that they consider fair in the circumstances.
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