Traffic Law - When to Stop Riding a Skateboard?

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26 July 2015
Is there a certain time under traffic law that a 16 year old has to stop riding a skateboard?


Well-Known Member
27 October 2014
Brisbane, QLD
Hi Isaiah,
Generally, the answer will depend upon where it is that you are skating.

For example, in the Queensland town which I live in, your age might not be an issue. However, there are a number of other laws that would apply. See generally: Skateboards, foot scooters and similar | Transport and motoring | Queensland Government

What you will likely find is that your age may not be an issue under 'traffic laws' (which are generally State or Territory Government laws) but local Council laws (sometimes called by-laws) may impose curfews depending on your age, especially in relation to Council-owned facilities (like skate parks). Indeed, there may even be a sign at the skatepark informing you of a curfew.

Whilst there may be some issues about how Councils could enforce those laws, they are likely to be able to make them, absent knowing anything more particular about where it is you're skating. If you are skating on private property for example, there's a host of other things you'd want to consider.

I hope that this provides you with somewhere to start Isaiah. As I say, if you require more specific advice, you might just let us know where it is that you're wanting to skate. Otherwise, your local council may also have some information if you call them. Simply Google them and call their general enquiries number.