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    QLD I’m not sure if this fits here, but can I get a skyline on my learners?

    I’m 13 and have been interested in them for some time now, and I want to know if I can buy an R32 or R33 when I get my learners. I’m not looking at getting a gtr, just a normal one. Thanks.
  2. O

    QLD Lost Car Licence - Appeal?

    I lost my licence for two years. I was driving on a Learners licence qld, could I appea itl under Traffic Law because I have no ride to work or could I apply for a work licence
  3. T

    QLD Appeal Disqualification of Learners Licence QLD Under Traffic Law?

    Hi, I was disqualified in 2013 on my Learners Licence QLD, and the magistrate imposed a 2 year disqualification. I was picked up last year in July coming home from the gym (stupid I know), and the judge then added another 2 years, and me and my partner have recently had our second child so she...