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WA Traffic Law - Illegal to Drive on Enclosed Thoroughfare?

Discussion in 'Traffic Law Forum' started by lawyeruprachel, 23 October 2015.

  1. lawyeruprachel

    23 October 2015
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    I'm charged under Traffic Law with driving on an enclosed thoroughfare. The sign said "No through road". I was parked after the no through road sign on the side of the road, but there was a gate in front of me which is used for contractors to go onto public park land. The road is Skeet road Harrisdale WA. There is no other signage there.

    They found me twice, I was parked in the same spot, but did not know I had been fined the first time.

    The cost for both is $750 or $350 each. There are photos of my car where it is parked. They did not see me drive there.
  2. Therese

    Therese Well-Known Member

    11 October 2015
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    Hi Lawyeruprachel,

    My understanding is that the council needs to have 'no parking' signs within certain measurements to inform people what they can do.

    I would be upset that you were unaware of the first fine and therefore you did not know you were doing anything 'wrong'.

    My suggestion would be to check the council parking regulations and the procedure to dispute one, and then progress from there.
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  3. Rod

    Rod Well-Known Member

    27 May 2014
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    Thinking the offence has more to do with parking in a 'driveway' than in a no parking area.

    Agree with Therese, contact the council and ask then what the fine is for, then you may need to take photos supporting your story.

    I don't know the area but would imagine blocking access to fire trucks/emergency vehicles is a no-no.
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