SA Sworn Affidavit amendment after the fact

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    I have recently had a conciliatory hearing, as the magistrate was leaving the region she recused herself and voiced that she would let the parties know how she would rule on the case if it came before her. It was a natural justice case arising from a disciplinary hearing. The magistrate said that if the disciplinary committee had discussed previous incidents without the knowledge of the plaintiff, they would not have afforded the plaintiff natural justice. The plaintiff was in possession of a sworn affidavit from the chairman of the aforementioned committee, that stated that the plaintiffs previous incidents were discussed at the hearing. After the conciliatory hearing was over , the plaintiffs lawyer forwarded the chairmans affidavit to the defendants lawyer. The defendants lawyer then called in the chairman and had him redo his affidavit to say that they did not discuss it.

    Although under discovery when asked to provide all documentation relating to the disciplinary hearing, the defendants had forwarded three documents relating to previous incidents,none that the plaintiff had been informed had been used, and only one that the plaintiff knew anything about at all.

    As can be gathered, I am the plaintiff. Any advice on what to do would be greatly appreciated.

    PS: The defendants lawyer was disbarred for serious misconduct, and has only recently been reinstated. If that helps.
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