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WA Supreme Court - What Forms Do I Need to Fill Out?

Discussion in 'Other/General Law Forum' started by Monica Diamont, 12 November 2015.

  1. Monica Diamont

    12 November 2015
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    What form do I need to fill out for an injunction in the Supreme Court?

    How do I obtain evidence from someone that's too afraid to go to supreme court? Do I need to fill out a form to ask for damages or does the judge decide on that? What form do I need to fill out to file extra documents?
  2. Therese

    Therese Well-Known Member

    11 October 2015
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    Hi Monica,

    I would suggest contacting the Supreme Court directly in regards to which forms to fill out. See Contact Us

    My understanding is that a third party may be called to give evidence in Court through a subpoena. Grounds of objection must be approved by the Court if the third party does not wish to appear.

    There is various ways a Court can protect a witness if they are afraid to participate in a case.

    It may be best to get a lawyer to assist you with your case in the Supreme Court. See Get Connected with the Right Lawyer for You

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