QLD Sponsoring Wifes Children Visa Class 101

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    Hi There,

    My wife has recently obtained her Permanent Resident Visa and we now plan to sponsor her children to come and live with us permanently.

    She has 2 daughters that have always been included in our Visa applications. She also has one son who was basically "kidnapped" by the father when he was 2 years old. This was 4 years go and at the time there was nothing she could do to report it as the fathers uncle is a very high ranking member of the National Police Force (Thailand) and she was scared of any repercussions.

    The son has never been mentioned in any of our Visa applications as she thought she would never see him again, he has also never had any birth certificate or registered identification.

    The father has now randomly delivered the son to my wife's father in the province asking for her to also bring him to Australia for a better life. We are afraid that if we include him in our sponsorship for the 101 Visa that it may affect her PR visa as it may look as if she intentionally omitted information about him in our applications.

    Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.

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