SA Speeding meters ahead of the change of speed zone ... and under the new zone limit.

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18 December 2020
Can anyone tell me if you can be fined for speed exceeding 60kph but let than 80kph in sight of the 80kph speed sign?
I think the positioning of the hand held detection device at the brow of a hill at the approximate change of speed zone is tantamount to entrapment
During the usual discussion there was no official infringement notice provided, no drug or alcohol test undertaken.
I feel if there is a true desire for policing the roads for safety and the reduction of road casualty and the officers stop someone for an alleged offence, drug and alcohol testing is mandatory ... or the process is just revenue driven

Upon a maps review of the area I believe the police vehicle was concealed in a private driveway 90degrees to the flow of traffic meters from the 80kph sign.


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7 October 2020
The rule, which I understand to apply everywhere, is that the speed zone applies from the exact point of the speed sign onwards. In practise - the 80km/h zone only applies once you've reached and passed the sign, not when it is 'in sight'.

You also cannot 'speed up' to the zone. If the previous zone is 60km/h, then you can only exceed that limit once you've passed the 80km/h sign.

Where the police were concealed is immaterial. It's where you were when you were detected that is relevant.

Unfortunately 'true desires' has no relevance here. If you want to effect change then the process is to lobby the government to change the laws. You cannot argue the point from your position.