NSW Speeding Fines NSW and Parking Fine but Offender Unidentified

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28 August 2014
Hi everyone,

My friend is seeking to review fines in NSW over 2 driving infringements he received under his car and is unsure whether he should plead guilty or not in court (the hearing is scheduled in 2 weeks).

The key reason is that he was away overseas whilst the offences were committed (he has evidence from department of immigration) and as such firstly he could not have committed the offence. Secondly, because he lived in a shared house and usually left his car keys in a public space it is possible for someone else to have driven his car whilst he was away (but he has no idea who because tenants of that shared house change constantly).

The two offences are of speeding and parking in the opposite direction.

What should he do? Under traffic law would he be responsible for that offence when the actual offender cannot be identified?


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27 May 2014
He is innocent and so should go to court, plead not guilty and show he was not in the country.