VIC Sexual assault, no idea where to ask for avdice

Discussion in 'Criminal Law Forum' started by Matt9893, 23 November 2017.

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    28 May 2016
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    Hi, I’m a 25 year old male from Victoria Australia
    I was sexually assaulted by a friends dad when I was 10

    I only started to remember it clearly in the last few years
    It happened on up to 3 occasions
    Can I still have him charged?
    And not to be greedy but would you say compensation is given to the victim in similar cases?

    Regardless of compensation I’d just want him to be punished for his actions
    It might help give me some closure
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    6 April 2016
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    Assuming this is a legitimate accusation;

    The undoing of sexual predators is that they are always greedy. Meaning that it wont just be you that he assaulted.... think about other kids that you know of who may have encountered this person.

    Also he is bound to have child pornography - that is something police are experts at finding.

    Ok so you will want to speak to police, but if you want to know more before doing that, try contacting one of the sexual assault victim support groups?
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    13 September 2016
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    To answer your question:

    1 - No, there is no limitation.
    2 - Assuming you're in Victoria as the title of this post sets out - In 2015 Victoria introduced the Limitation of Actions Amendment (Child Abuse) Act 2015 which abolished the limitation periods surrounding when an individual could bring action for child abuse. Therefore, compensation may be available to you provided if an action is founded on the death or personal injury of a person resulting from either physical abuse or sexual abuse when you were a minor and psychological abuse that arises from that abuse.

    I'd recommend you speak with a lawyer as to your best way forward.
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