VIC Settlement and new defacto partner

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13 August 2020

I am still interested in a response. I believe my ex has been in a relationship with his new partner for coming up a year - and our formal separation date is only 4-5 months ago. The other party I believe has settled with her ex financially. I am interested if my ex and her joint assets are something that can be included in my partner and I's asset pool when we come time to financially settle?? You have suggested to original poster that this is possible??
hey - sorry I must have missed your reply...current status is no - we were de facto of 13 years. we just had a financial conciliation conference with registrar at beginning of may for which i provided full and frank statement up to the day before...he on the other hand did not provide full disclosure - he is definitely hiding things...and so registrar got ticked off and judge has now set a date of mid october to coincide with parenting matter finalisation. however, prior to conference i had raised fact he was not providing full and frank disclosure in accordance with whatever section it formally written to his lawyers with "Specific Questions" - which are all still thought is subpeona the outstanding disclosure required from him - based on the 13 or so letters to his lawyers that are still awaiting response. they promised a substantive response by end of may and didn't do it....i don't want to sit back and wait until october and find he still wont provide anything. He has been with new partner well over a year now and his bank statements show clearly they are very much sharing financials - e.g. he is paying her child's childcare and she is hiding the financing of a brand new $65k caravan on her side...can I subpeona her given that he has failed to fill in the financial statement form correctly e.g. what you pay on behalf of other and what other's pay on your behalf, personal expenses etc. e.g. his bank statements show large regular cash withdrawls...e.g. $1k at a time....he has only paid $500 in groceries since octover last year lol..any advice appreciated. i have decided against application in a case to bring october date forward as i dont think i will be successful