VIC Separation from De Facto - Any Rights with Personal Car Loan?

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John maher

21 January 2015
My ex borrowed $9500 off me to buy a car. We had a verbal car loan agreement for her to make repayments. We have now recently separated and to date, she has not made any payments for almost 12 weeks. What can I do? She still owes about $8300. She gave me $1050 as an initial first deposit payment as was agreed upon and 3 payments of $50 spread over many weeks which was not part of the agreement as it was to be weekly. She now refuses to talk to me about it but says it's her car in her name. Purchase receipt and car registration are in her name, but payment receipt shows payment made from my credit card and I have my bank statement showing payment to the motor vehicle trader from my account. What can i do about it, do I have any rights?



LawTap Verified
27 May 2014
Do you have anything in writing/email/SMS from her acknowledging a loan to you?