VIC Searching Through VCAT Database for Supporting Cases?

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30 November 2016

I am currently developing a Civil Claims Case against a cleaning company. During their service's they have damaged a stone top bench in a rental property with oven cleaner that has left a stain. The company is denying responsibility, and have stated in an email "How do we know you haven't caused the damage?"

I questioned if their cleaners used any oven cleaner. He went on to say "Our cleaners have assured me no spray was left on the bench". The repairs for the damage caused has totalled in the thousands, of which I have paid to remove an extra VCAT hearing for the Bond.

I have a photo that the real estate agent took one month before the vacating of the property during an inspection. Furthermore, I have emails from stone repair specialist stating that the damage was caused by oven cleaner. I have got a statement from professional photographer stating the damage is not present in the before photo. Finally, I have the emails from the cleaner stating the user of sprays on the bench.

I have applied for a VCAT hearing and am looking for a way to research past VCAT hearings that will support my claim. Currently, I am sifting through the VCAT Database without any luck in finding a supporting case where a business has needed to pay for the damages they have caused in a 'He said She said' situation such as the one I am in.

Is there an easier way to research this database to find these cases? Or, does anyone have a direction I can use to give my case more validity?

Thanks for the read, and I look forward to a reply.



11 December 2016
Past cases won't help. Your claim will be decided on the evidence before the tribunal. It sounds like you have more than enough to succeed
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