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Dean Hicks

8 July 2014
I am currently in a 5 year same sex relationship. My partner has in the last year started a successful travel company, inherited money to which he has bought 2 properties. We currently live in one while the other is a property investment. I stay at home and manager our house, cook , clean, etc. Things had been going well till my mother passed away in March. My partner is claiming he could not handle my grief and wanted 'normality' in his life. He began to see a person for sex. I know this person and he informed me.

I confronted my partner, he apologised explaining he was not good with emotions and so looked for s*x to almost feel like things are normal in his life. Since then our de facto relationship has been under some strain and my concern it may end soon.

My question is what are my entitlements to our apartments, and other assets, his company and superannuation am I entitled to? I am currently not working, but actively looking. As a result I am on Newstart through Centrelink, so ask him for no money to pay for the running of our home, meals etc..


Well-Known Member
8 April 2014
G'day Dean,
Which state/territory are you located in? (Most of Australia is similar re de facto, except for WA).