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NSW Roommate found on is a Nightmare!

Discussion in 'Property Law Forum' started by free2play, 2 February 2015.

  1. free2play

    free2play Member

    2 February 2015
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    Roommate: ANON.

    In October, I found an advertisement of ANON on After approaching and inspecting the property I was impressed that ANON presented the house clean and that she is a clean person and that it would be maintained like that with obviously the help of myself (sharing work, requirement of co-tenant). I was required to pay bond and hand in signed documents to the real estate agent in Ryde. I took an unpaid day off work to take care of these documents. ANON had requested myself to pay the bond to her so she can pay the real estate. I paid approximately $880.

    Throughout and 4 months down the track ANON had been and still is extremely dirty, brought maggots into the house, had a house party without discussing it with me, and allowed other guest sleep on my bed while I was away on holiday. ANON barely contributed to housework where I was like a house maid and had no choice to clean as she needed to use cooking and basic facilities. ANON was rude about this and said that she was testing me and she needed to pick up on my game. I am rarely at the property as I stay at my partners house a lot.

    On the 1st of Feb, ANON said she will be giving me 3 weeks to leave as I have been causing too much noise (not true, I am barely here and am only at home for a few hours at most). I received no written warnings or any formal written warnings from ANON before. I was under the impression that I was co-signed on the lease and have copies of a written document stating I am on the lease. ANON said she didn’t get me on the lease and withdrew my name without telling me. She took the bond to pay off the previous share with ANON before I had moved in. ANON clearly mislead me onto paying off another roommate where the money I provided was not lodged under my name to the tenant board. ANON has made the situation very difficult for me and has entered my room without permission throughout my time while renting with ANON as well using my things.

    I would like some help on what I can do. I am finding a new place.
  2. Tracy B

    Tracy B Well-Known Member

    24 December 2014
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    Hi free2play,

    First, you need to find out if you do in fact rent the place through the owner or you are sub-letting through ANON. Contact the real estate agent and enquire. Also, they would be interested to know what type of tenant they have under the lease, especially if ANON did not get the estate agent's consent before sub-letting to you.

    Second, if ANON has misappropriated your bond money, you may have an action in misrepresentation and misappropriation in the Civil and Administrative Tribunal. You may also contact Fair Trading to enquire about this further.

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