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Retail Hourly Rates on Public Holidays and Saturdays

Discussion in 'Employment Law Forum' started by Brad, 2 May 2014.

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  1. Brad

    Brad Member

    2 May 2014
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    I work in retail and have two questions..
    1. I work every Saturday and get paid the same hourly rate as during the week. Should I be getting a different rate per hour?
    2. On Easter week, I worked last Black Saturday, is this day classed as a public holiday? Should there be penalty rates on public holidays like this?
  2. Elle W

    Elle W Active Member

    17 April 2014
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    Hi there, Brad!

    Whether or not you get penalty rates for working on Saturdays or public holidays will depend on the award or agreement that covers your employment.

    For example under the General Retail Award a full time or part time employee gets an extra 25% for working on a Saturday and an extra 150% for working on a public holiday. A casual employee gets an extra 10% on Saturdays and 150% on public holidays.

    For more information you can see the full award here

    If you are covered by an Enterprise Agreement you can find it here
  3. rebeccag

    rebeccag Well-Known Member

    8 April 2014
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