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Clerkenwell () is an area of central London, England.
Clerkenwell was an ancient parish from the mediaeval period onwards, and now forms the south-western part of the London Borough of Islington.
The well after which it was named was rediscovered in 1924. The watchmaking and watch repairing trades were once of great

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  1. J

    NSW Annual Leave - Am I Entitled to Leave Loading?

    I have been employed on a permanent employment contract since August 2015, as a HR Coordinator. I believe that I am covered by the Clerks Award 2010 which provides for 17.5% annual leave loading, however, I have never received any leave loading. This is my first job in Australia so I do not...
  2. bork1234

    NSW Am I on Clerks Private Sector Award?

    Hi, My employer is claiming that I am not covered by an award and that's why I am not entitled to penalty or overtime rates. My job is basically to produce financial reports. I am a full-time worker, paid a relatively low hourly rate, not much more than the national minimum wage. I suspect I...