QLD qld DVO & Tas DVO needing advice

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17 September 2019
first order was issued in the state of Queensland and up protection order second order was issued in Tasmania Hobart classed as a fgo temporary order now has been upgraded to a fvo for a period of 12 months now Queensland we reside in Queensland they are wanting to upgrade their Queensland protection order to a DVO
.situation to date is that there is now a warrant out for my arrest in the state of Tasmania Hobart and also a g.b.h. charge against me also in the state of Tasmania Hobartcurrent situation for Queensland is that I have breached the order in Queensland 3 times could Tasmania extradites me back from Queensland or can I do my jail time in Queensland and put it together with Hobart's thank you so having the warrant in Hobart will Queensland extradite me back to Hobart or will I be locked up hereso the main question of this issue above is that 10 Hobart extradite me from Queensland North Queensland extradite me back to Hobart