VIC Purchased a Defective Used Car - Refund under Australian Consumer Law?

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10 August 2015

I bought a used car (late 2012 model SUV) last year from a big dealership. All is well until I recently noticed on the roof that there are several spots rusting. It's hard to see it if you don't use a ladder since it's an SUV and I only noticed it when I decided to use a 2-step ladder to clean the roof last weekend.

I have only done a bit over 5,000 KM in about 11 months for a less than 3 year old car and it's always under a carport at home and I ride my bike most of the time to work. Do I have a right under Australian Consumer Law for a refund, replacement or repair?

I seriously would not have bought it if I have known about this and it was obviously there when they sold it to me.

Thank you in advance for your time.