VIC Boundary wall my side, neighbours building attached

Discussion in 'Property Law Forum' started by CBK, 7 February 2019.

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    7 February 2019
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    We are a few months into a 10 month renovation. About 4.5 meters of our boundary wall has been deemed unsafe by an engineer and needs to be demolished. Our neighbours kitchen has been built directly onto our boundary wall; this happened some years ago, before either of us owned our respective properties.

    Our neighbours are at this stage refusing to demolish the wall - at the very least, they are dragging their heels - as demolition will affect their kitchen. Our renovation is now at a stand still because of their inaction (we are of course still having to pay architect fees, rent, etc. so this is fast costing us many thousands of dollars more than it should).

    Is there anything we can do to enforce the engineers recommendation? Do we have a right to demand demolition happens in a timely manner?
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    Maybe. You need to very clear as to who owns the wall. If you own the wall then it can down as long as it is done safely.

    Is this some kind of old terrace house?

    I suggest speaking with the council in the first instance.
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