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27 July 2015
My husband and I have just brought a 3bed-1bath, 30-year-old villa in WA. We settle tomorrow, we had our final inspection yesterday and found a few problems, but every thing that we mentioned to the real estate agents were brushed off.. such as, the stove igniter didn't work, so I was unable to check any stovetops, also the oven light was blown, some light switches are caved in, the hot water system is leaking as well as the bathroom hand basin was not draining at all, also, there has been some new electric work done last year.

They won't supply us with an electrical certificate, as the agent is saying that they don't need one as they have a rdo and safety switch certificate (the agent said that all of this was normal for an aged property, and that the seller is not obligated to fix these things, and that under the sellers warranty, it says that everything will be in good working order, and that these things are still in good working order for an aged property) .

Is there anything that we can do under property law? Or does a sellers warranty really not mean much?


Your seller's warranty means what it says. I would insist that the things that are not in working order are fixed or replaced.


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10 September 2014
I would love to hear how you got on with your property. Did our pre settlement inspection and having exactly the same issue. Seller is going to fix one of the gas hot plate/burners but not the rangehood light and fan. Is going to fix the garage door which is not opening but not the broken latch on the laundry sliding door.

Have been unable to find anything concrete in the standard conditions for sale to reference. Couldn't see anything about a seller's warranty in relation to good working order.

Look forward to hearing from you.