NSW Problems with Neighbours - Retaining Wall and Tree Root Damage?

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    Hi everyone,

    I need help and a lawyer who can help me. One neighbour on the right of me has a huge tree planted right on our fence line which is about 30 inches from my main downpipe. I told them 6 months ago that the tree was lifting my pavers and they were responsible for fixing it.

    Cut a long story short, he told me last week that he is not taking down the tree, and will not pay for the damage and I have to prove to him that he is responsible for the tree root damage. Along this side of my fence due to tree root damage, I can't take any garbage bins out, can't get my lawn mower down this side of the house, our gate is damaged and can't close and it is a tripping hazard and I think that the tree roots are now in my main downpipe.

    I called the Council and they are sending me info that he is responsible. The retaining wall on this side is also damaged due to our neighbour's plants that are growing. They are about 10 feet high now and are in my first level downpipes. The neighbours said they don't like yard work and now the fencing is falling due to the weight of their plants.

    The second problem is my neighbour on the left side. He has demolished his house and built another. One week ago, he has bulldozed 5 feet of dirt right up to our property line, without my knowledge. He bulldozed this dirt before obtaining a permit for a retaining wall, he has also cut through the tree roots of my tree without asking. He has not given me an engineering report on the impact it will cause me.

    Someone, please help.

    I live in Turramurra, NSW

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