Probate - Estranged Daughter

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9 July 2020
Hi, My Dad quite wealthy had a mistress many years when mum was alive and then took up with her upon mums death 15 years ago - he was with the mistress 25 or so years. I have a sister and Dad and the new woman have no kids. My father left 50% of will to my sister 10 % to my 3 kids (when they turn 25) and 10 % to myself and 10% to the mistress. Prior to selling assets, the mistress gets $200,000 and also $2000 per month for the rest of her life. My sister and the woman have always loathed each other so ever arsehole to the end Dad made them both executors. Because I am getting so little, I stayed the heck out of it all and left them to pack up his house, so of course both ceased speaking to me, lol. Fast forward 8 months. They have an executor Lawyer and every time I ask her a question about the estate or why does she need my ID and kids ID right now, she won't answer or deflects. I have sent a certified copy of my ID, she demanded I travel 170 km to Melbourne to hand it over.

I believe they will all try and prevent my family receiving anything. I am a single mother to 3 on a pension - please don't judge. I have no plans to contest the will, I did see a Lawyer and was told I had a good chance due to multiple mental illness and physical disability, but I am not interested. I just want to know is there a place I can call, a governing body that can enforce the executors doing what the will requests? I have no way to speak to executors, they will not communicate and their Lawyer usually won't reply. I would really like to know if the probate has gone through. Essentially we are left with no details and had we not asked would not have even received the will. I cannot afford a Lawyer.