VIC Executors Won't Provide a Copy of Mum's Will

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Pete Evans

Well-Known Member
17 June 2015
"I asked how can I obtain a copy of My Mother's will. Mum passed away over 3 weeks ago. The Executors and their solicitor will not give me a copy and I am mentioned in the will because I am Mum's Daughter. Thank you."

Mrs Carole Smith did you read the Link that Nighthelyn posted ?
Here it is again ;

Now consider this as it is NOT their role to give you a copy of the will and here is the relevant wording ; "must allow the following persons to inspect and make copies of the will"

So what that means is you or someone working for you should go to where the will is being held so you or someone working for you can take/make a copy of the will . So you will need to take a camera or photocopier with you to make a copy of the will.

In case you don't understand my comments just like you haven't understood everyone else's comments, the onus is on you to make a copy of the will as they are under NO obligation to provide a copy for you .