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WA Possible to Retract Claim Against Me for Car Accident?

Discussion in 'Traffic Law Forum' started by Kittener, 14 July 2016.

  1. Kittener

    Kittener Member

    14 July 2016
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    Hi all,

    I'm a girl here on working holiday visa. Last Sunday, I crashed into a car while driving through a crossing. I was turning right without noticing the other was driving towards me from the opposite.

    Both his car and mine were damaged from the car accident. What was worse was that I didn't buy any car insurance. Have to pay the repair fee of his car all on my own and it might be over $9000. And I'm only a poor backpacker girl...

    At the beginning, we were really upset with each other, but after some communication in following days, we became friends. And he is willing to help me out of the difficulty. Since he has bought the full insurance, we were wondering if it would be possible for him to retract his claim that it was my fault? Since if it was his fault, or even partly, his full insurance could cover some of the repairs.

    Unfortunately, on the day of the accident, he has already made a report detailing the accident. Also, there was a witness who saw the whole incident.

    I know it's almost impossible to change anything, but still holding a gleam of hope if my loss could be reduced a bit since it's not a big matter but a careless mistake between two persons. Is there any way to work this out?

    If I can't afford the repairs, will the insurance company bring me to the court and leave me with a bad record? I don't mean to do anything illegal. I'm only hoping I will lose less money.

    Looking forward to any replies and thanks for all kindness and patience.
  2. Ponala

    Ponala Well-Known Member

    10 February 2015
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    I wouldn't be retracting any statements...can lead to further problems both criminally and civilly.

    If he is fully insured than his insurance would cover the costs of the repair and sue you for the damages, however given that you can't afford it and don't have insurance then you would pay back the insurance company in instalments over time. i have a friend whose son is paying back damages to an insurance company at $25 a week as that is all he can afford.

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