VIC Personal Injury using both Workers Comp and TAC

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27 June 2020
Hopefully someone has some helpful info on my issue...i seem to be getting conflicting advice. I was severely injured during work, but hit by a car. Short version, no liability from work only the driver ( drunk/unlicensed using brothers car) and about to go to Jail. So i have Workcover covering medical and wages as per their schedule. and will likely only have a third of my working capacity ever again, and about to get to the 130 week mark. But i am classed with TAC also. I have just been passed with a Serious Injury Certificate, and will be meeting with them shortly through a Barister. But my question is do i make any sort of claim with Workcover as in a Common Law Claim? Do i only claim from one Entity? I have been told i can Sue the driver, but what about the Owner of the car? Regards