Workcover Personal Injury Claim - Why are Tax Returns Needed?

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13 July 2014
Just a quick question ... I have a lawyer and barrister. I'm going through a Workcover personal injury claim already over 2 years. Finally, a hearing date has been set which will be 2.5 years. My question is my lawyer called me for my prior years of tax returns dating back to 2008 to current date and which courses (uni or college ) from 2008 to current date. They had stipulated that the lawyers (theirs) have requested this. I'd like to know why for this WorkCover claim?

John R

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14 April 2014
  1. Have you asked your lawyer or barrister? They should generally be able to advise you.
  2. I can only assume the request is related to evaluating a claim related to past earnings and/or future earning capacity.
Hope this helps.
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Yes, further to John R's comment above, evidence of past earnings is collected by the defendant solicitors in order to determine how your past earnings have been affected as a result of your injury and to get an idea of what your future earnings would be.

For example if your tax returns from 2008 to 2013 indicated income of: $40,000, $43,000, $45,000, $50,000 $52,000, $55,000, a court would assume that your income would follow the same pattern in the coming years and on that basis they will determine the amount of damages you would be entitled to for loss of future earnings as a result of your injury.