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SA Opinions on Family Law and ICL Costs?

Discussion in 'Family Law Forum' started by okanynameyouwishthen, 31 January 2016.

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  1. okanynameyouwishthen

    okanynameyouwishthen Well-Known Member

    12 February 2015
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    Morning all,

    One party in a matter completely disregards existing family court orders & gets a date listed to hear an application in a case to present further evidence for court to consider as it has still not delivered ruling. Quite rightly the judge dismissed the application swiftly & basically told all parties to relax & wait for the ruling.

    Now the issue the party took offence to quite clearly states in orders that if this was to happen they were to contact the ICL involved as a 3rd party in the matter.

    Not only were the 2 issues complained of ridiculously frivolous, the orders were breached by the party's conduct of bypassing ICL & lodging application few days before Christmas.The party's lawyers then closed up for Christmas & upon returning, discovered that the registrar had allocated a date for hearing the next day!

    I was alerted by email at 3pm the day before & so was the ICL.

    This other party is legal aid funded as is the ICL, meaning 2 x taxpayer's $'s.

    In this scenario isn't the ICL policy obligated or something to apply for costs to be paid by this other party at the very least for the ICL's time.

    This total disregard for clearly stated actions to my utter bewilderment not even a squeak was uttered by ICL, even as party's lawyer went on a lengthy rant, so determined was he to paint me even more sinister. Must have cost taxpayer's close on $1K combined!

    Not to mention it was clearly another perjured affidavit & I could easily show this to be the case if anyone cared to listen.

    Opinions under Family Law, anyone, please?

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